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Transgender Family Integration



These sessions are for those whose family members need a listening ear.

They may be wanting to connect with their kin differently. They might be lost and need someone who has been there before to help them through it.

The beginning of anything new is hard. We grow alongside our family as we learn to support their authenticity in the world. With open hearts and a loving persistence, I can help instill a sense of peace and clarity around tough issues.

When we come to this work of identity and its complexity, we are reminded that love triumphs over any possible obstacles.

If you are struggling with connecting to a family member, friend, or co-worker who is transitioning, and you need new tools and resources to help support them fully, these services are for you.

There are no greater words than hearing someone support us through our most painful times. When we do our work we create a space for people to fully be themselves. We can show up to their lives with the best care we can.

Sometimes we don’t know what that support might look like or involve. That’s where we come in. We help provide ongoing tools to have better relationships with transgender folks and non-binary people.

We’ll talk about the resistance, the messy, and the shadowy underbelly of your consciousness. We work to help support you around your child or family member’s gender and sexuality self-discoveries. Above all your relationships will gain greater awareness and clarity as you begin to accept these folks’ new identities.

You don’t have to do everything right. We help you process, move through tough scenarios, and get to the other side of it. You came to this because you wanted to do better, be kinder, and make the world safer for trans people. This work is hard but worth it. It does get easier with time. All things do.

With these hour-long sessions I offer suggested resources to follow up on the outside of the session. From websites to books, to personal transformative healing practices we go deep into the tangible. We also talk about areas circling gender and how it shows up in our society. Other, discussing gender brings up a sense of identity shift.

When someone close to us questions, changes, or feels outside of what society deems “normal” people have all sorts of opinions.

Even if you never have a session with me, hear this.

You were made for more than what anyone told you. You have the capacity to love, to change, to forgive, to shift, and to care for someone who is transgender. Do not close your heart over things you may not understand or agree with. Let love and happiness be the way to your next chapter.

Let yourself be transformed by the opportunities disguised as chaos.

As a transgender person I have walked myself through many rites of passage. I arrive at this work with over 10 years of personal experience on hormone replacement therapy, body-affirming surgery, and a collection of resources to pull from.

Years later I have coached families and coworkers through being a better ally.

Centering love and respect in our relationships affirms our dedication to its vibrancy. We focus on resiliency and harm reduction techniques to those strained points of view. After the work we do, people feel closer and more understanding of people’s unique explorations.

For these sessions, we recommend bringing water, a tissue box, and a notebook.

If you are wanting more information please book a Free 15 Minute Consultation.