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Byeeeeeeeeeee + Hello

Byeeeeeeeeeee + Hello

Trump is in Florida, far away from the White House, and people who actually care about democracy are in. My guess is that it will take time to adjust as a country, to get used to not hearing heart-stopping news every few days, or feel the sense of pending doom with every rage cycle. I think we’re all really traumatized, everyone in this country for a myriad of reasons, both conscious and unconscious.

So now what?

We have a lot of work to do, but what does that mean? What does it look like?
Lately, I’ve been asking The Universe, my Tarot Decks, and My Psychic Awareness what do we need to take into the future. I keep getting the answer that, slowly, we are unfolding. That this time has not been in vain but has been the process of discovering what we need to get to work on. In that sentiment, the work becomes very apparent. What are the headlines in the media? What are the people at large disagreeing on? Where have we become so polarized we can only hear our own side and those who echo our sentiments? What do I need to heal to properly come back to these big questions?
Now, do not get me wrong. I do not think it’s realistic to expect that we’ll suddenly be ready to let down our guard and only allow the positive vibes in while the bad juju just slips away. “It’s like a miracle, it will be gone by Easter.” No, that has never worked in the past and it is not a sustainable model. It’s actually the opposite of what we need to do since this practice doesn’t hold space for a lot of our layered work and places where we need to get real. The only people we truly have control over is ourselves.

First, we need to do our own work. In that, we add to the collective consciousness and implement new ways of living. We are powerful beyond what we know. It starts with our decision for a new world, a better life, and inclusivity outside of what our society use to be upheld by. With us shifting from The Age of Capricorn’s get it done or else mentality to Aquarius’ fluid more approachable vibrations we’re about to have to adapt to our world in new ways that are necessary and whose time has come. It is big work, but it’s ours to do.

Give yourself pause when you need. Self-Care is essential toward adding your spoons back into the drawer. It is what nourishes us so that we can come back to the work, rest, and keep returning. No one said it would be easy. But everyone who has overcome major challenges can tell you, it’s worth every struggle. Getting through to the other side of complicated issues always renews our sense of unity and individual liberation. I cannot truly be free until everyone is free. That’s why All Lives will Matter when Black Lives Matter.
With Trump leaving today, we can begin to heal from the years of relentless rhetoric of a better world while receiving death threats daily from an invisible virus. The virus of complacency and social niceties. Don’t be afraid to tell people to wear a mask over their nose and mouth! Don’t be afraid to tell people you are no longer stuck in your privilege enough to not make room enough for all. Make sure you do your best, every day, to be the best version of yourself. Not to prove it to anyone other than yourself. Recognize that in that act you ARE doing the collective work.

We have a lot of work to do!

I wish us all restful, powerful, epiphany-induced cycles. May we do our own individual work so we may have insights and resolutions where there has been confusion and division. Thank you, Trump, for showing us all where we have been. But more importantly, for shining a big light on where we need to go. And also, BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!