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Frequently Asked Questions

Just the FAQs

What Sets Come Home Life

Coaching Apart?

Come Home will always envision a world where people are at the center.

  • Our mission aims to remind people of who they are in their authenticity.
  • To foster client’s healing into their own powerful choices.
  • Celebrate community and uplift voices who have struggled to be received.
  • Remember our divine connection and responsibility to one another.
  • Help heal the world one idea, person, and company at a time.

Coming Home to yourself is the greatest gift above all.

How Does A Session Work?

With your permission, I tap into your energy field and receive a number of messages. These show up in different mediums as each session is unique to who is present. We then explore possible connections and meanings. Some of these do not make sense at first or are hard to digest. Others come naturally and are easy to recognize. There are a number of tools we can incorporate to help heal the thought patterns or old wounds that need our attention.

I’m excellent at keeping us anchored in the day to day of humanity while holding space for exploring cosmic possibilities.

It’s true, I do not know the in’s and out’s of how Spirit works in every single person’s life. We all have our gifts. Life is about developing those parts of ourselves over time. There are so many ways Creator pulls our attention toward healing. These can take shape as subtle intuitive nudges, body pain, and even crisis. It does not matter if you consider yourself spiritual or not. The Universe is always doing its thing.

Deep down, you were made to heal.

We are who we tell ourselves. Our brains have incredible power. Therefore, it’s less important to know everything and more about a yearning for our healing and nourishment.

What Can I Experience During A Session?

It depends on the session’s content.

Sometimes we’re in a cycle of energetic feelings where life is flowing and things feel great! Other sessions we go deep into healing sacred places that have been buried for years (or lifetimes!).

Clients have given feedback ranging from feeling sleepy, cloudy, tranced, buzzy, warm, cold, sweaty, sad, ecstatic, happy, passionate, and even neutral. No matter the process, discovering your true wants and needs outweigh the work it took to get there.

We welcome it all.

When Can I Start Seeing Life Changing Results?

Depending on your story, situation, or focus, Life Coaching can have an array of results. Sometimes certain topics arise and resolve very quickly as they were already in their process and merely needed uncovering and insight to allow for growth and opportunity. Other instances take repeated thought awareness, feeling through intuition, and behavioral shifts to solidify a renewed sense of life.

The truth is there are no hard and fast rules to each person’s individual story. Time is relative. Practice is key.

In most instances, my clients begin to notice shifts in their daily actions, career goals, and lifestyle changes beginning after our first session, depending on the topics discussed. Some clients start in one place and then zig zag around because EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING and we go with that.

Your journey is a fingerprint of nonlinear experiences.

Why not start now?

How Can I Prepare For A Session?

A glass of water or two can be beneficial.

You may want a journal or notebook handy during or after the session. I also take notes along with a custom altar and share them with you after our session.

Allow around 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after a session, uninterrupted if possible, to allow maximum effectiveness in receiving your best desired results.

Expect to feel sleepy after the first few sessions. Emotional and Spiritual detoxing is real. Do some excellent self care!

The number one ingredient is a willingness to be open. It’s important to allow ourselves the grace of something new. To transform our lives into powerful manifestations of our ultimate goals.

Know that it’s normal to want to kick and scream a little bit over anything difficult. Move with those feelings into something new.

What Is The Difference Between a Life Coach and A Therapist?

A Life Coach is a person who helps motivate, set goals, and focus on solution oriented mindsets to help meet client’s life goals. Life Coaches based their expertise on life experiences and real world models.

Therapists tend to focus on emotional compartments with the goal of helping to heal their patients. Ultimately, Therapists need to be State and Board Certified and have completed many years of school to be recognized.

Both fields can specialize in specific topics and areas of interest.

We also like to think Life Coaches tend to use profanity a whole lot more than Therapists do. We like to shock your system a little bit. It gets your fucking attention.

What Skills Are Needed To Be A Life Coach?

That genuinely depends on the type of Coach you are seeking. For example, if you go to a Business Coach they should have extensive knowledge about best practices, financial suggestions, business models, and other skills that will help enable their clients to live financially successful careers.

As an Intuitive Coach, I marry everyday life circumstances with spiritual experiences to achieve a person’s unlimited emotional wealth! From my years as a theater maker, to holding space for people’s pain as a piercer, and managing high end retail studios, I bring a plethora of skills to each session.

Overall, no matter the focus, Life Coaches need to be excellent active listeners, supportive, encouraging, patient, goal setting, trustworthy, and intuitive. We think the best coaches are those who can assess where their client’s blindspots are, directly communicate those places while being on their team, and come up with a game plan that’s realistic to hit those marks.

What Is The Average Cost of A Life Coach?

Ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per session, course, or intensive, different life coaches will have a number of options.

Come Home Life Coaching has attempted to give various price points per service type.

At our first meeting, we start with a 15 minute free consultation. We briefly connect to see what is possible. If we are a good match, we can discuss time frame goals and investments.

Come Home believes in providing a range of sustainable financial solutions which cater to people ranging on the economic spectrum. We believe in mutual aid. For those with more generous flexibility we can assist offset the investments into folks who need it.

The truth is, we all need healing of some kind.

What is Come Home Life Coaching’s Rescheduling Policy?

We define rescheduling as attempting to find a new time or date of the original appointment.

Reschedules can be done on the client’s behalf 24+ hours in advance of their appointment online using their email confirmation. Assets that I have that have been collected for the session will be transferred to the rescheduled appointment and no additional fee will incur. If a reschedule needs to be made less than 24 hours of my appointment, I will contact my Life Coach at (509) 800-7153 asap to make the best accommodations. I am aware my assets for the appointment may be non-refundable if I try to reschedule less than 24 hours in advance. If choosing to continue service, a new fee will be obtained to rebook a new appointment.

What is Come Home Life Coaching’s Cancellation Policy?

We define cancellations as no longer intending to obtain a service or membership status for appointment(s) that have been booked. To do this, a client can click the cancellation button at any time via their confirmation email. I am aware that by canceling, any assets that I have in my account will automatically be forfeited and non-refundable.

Is a Life Coach Worth It?

What do you value? If you are someone who listens to your life goals, wants to move into your deepest desires, and is willing to make both habit and lifestyle shifts, then yes! Getting a Life Coach can be a life-changing experience.

Getting a Life Coach can replace your second-guessing and impostor syndrome with sustained confidence. It can take your indecisiveness and give it a path to follow your true desires.

Finding the right Life Coach might take time. Knowing what area of life you want to develop can be a way to weed out the relevant from frivolous.

We have found that if you are willing to go to any length to change and be your best self, Life Coaching can be the key that unlocks your door to possibility.

No amount of time or investment will supersede the way you feel when you look in a mirror and know the miracle you are!

Do You Need A Degree To Be A Life Coach?

This is an excellent question! The short of it is no. A Life Coach’s skillset is often referred to by real-world experiences and insights based on humanistic models. Oftentimes, coaches come from other industry backgrounds which are relevant to their focus.

This is why it is essential every client finds their best match. Effective Life Coaches will often take classes or become certified within areas that relate to their practices. Most Life Coaches will have a specialty or area they focus on more than other topics. If you are curious about a more in-depth perspective check out my Blog What Is A Life Coach & How To Pick One.

I have a stack of qualifications from university, to workshops, and memberships I have received certificates in. If you are curious to read more about my background, please read my qualifications here.

Have More Questions?

Let us know if you have any further inquiries about the work we do and how it can help you! Fill out our contact form today and I’ll get right back to you!

Thank you so much!