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We always know where we want to be. But how many of us can say we know where we are? We will delve into tapping into thought patterns that work for and against living your best life. What are your belief systems? What makes you come alive? When we slow our process down we can begin to become aware of our thoughts, beliefs, and habits. It is from that place we begin to acknowledge what is working and what needs to be tossed.

As we work together you’ll grow into understanding how to check in with yourself, to see limiting beliefs for what they are, and no longer act on these destructive patterns.

Who knew we had so much power?

Feeling our way through new thought patterns allows our brains to rewire and map our true instincts.

When we practice showing up to life with curiosity we receive so many messages both loud and subtle. Let yourself discover whole new aspects you never dreamed could be so rewarding. With consistent commitment to your showing up, calling in, and verbalizing your richest dreams, you’ll be amazed at your life lasting transformations.

With enough time and behavioral value alignment, your actions toward your dreams begins to build instead of work against your precious life.


Putting these new tools into practice your life you will be transformed.

Basking in the glow of being in your flow of life we can rest and give thanks.

When ready, we can plant new seeds that look forward to the future of your ever unfolding life.

You are powerful beyond imagination! You have everything you need!

You just need to believe it.


Curious about Spiritual Life Coaching?

Want to know how a small amount of time could change your life?

Let’s connect for a free 15-minute consultation so we can talk.

Let’s be real. You stumbled upon this site and now you’re super overwhelmed. You feel ready for change but don’t know where to start. It’s okay to not know. In fact, it’s pretty healthy that you are contemplating your next moves and are not sure. 

Not knowing is the first step toward the willingness to learn something new.  

That’s why I offer potential clients a chance to get to see how this work can be life-transforming, at no risk to you. 

By offering a free consultation you can see for yourself. We invite you to go deep nourishing you toward your highest needs. Discussing your life goals, both short and long-term, we can discover where our vibe synchronizes. I welcome all parts of you. Both your light and shadow. Take a chance on yourself. 

This is for you if:

  • You might be trying to find new solutions for stuck places
  • Get more in touch with your sensitive, spiritual, witchy, or occult side
  • Develop rituals and healing tools
  • Go after your big dreams
  • Accomplish your life goals
  • Change your limiting beliefs
  • Have someone in your corner
  • Put down your pain, trauma, or distress 
  • Heal your physical, emotional, and spiritual selves
  • Talk to someone who can hear about loss around a death
  • Create rituals that help call your next steps into existence
  • Remember your real reason for being here
  • Come home to yourself

Honestly, we’re all scared of new things. Part of the human experience is pain. But that’s only one part of the whole experience. Don’t let the doubts get in the way of what you want. It’s when we focus through the noise where we turn up the volume on our deepest needs. Something keeps nudging you towards your inner light. 

Know that this voice inside you is never wrong.  

I’m just a person and you’re just a person made up of the same stardust. Each of us has the potential to live any lifestyle, overcome any habit pattern, and live successful fulfilling lives. 

You can risk it all with literally nothing to risk. You know that saying about big risks can offer big rewards? We’ve seen it happen many times. You can trust in the process, even if you are feeling unsure. 

What makes this dynamic different is that I know what you’re made of. I believe in your ability to feel, deal, and heal through to your most authentic self. After our free consultation you’ll see why so many of my clients are raving. They too often left the first session feeling more confident in their sense of purpose and ability to overcome their setbacks. 

Plus, who doesn’t love free things?

All kidding aside, I honestly cannot wait to meet you. Hearing your story gives me inspiration. It sets a focus into motion and brings a synergy to our meeting. Letting the world in on our gifts is what you’re meant to do. I’m here to help. Let’s see what we can do!   

Discussing your life goals, both short and long-term, we can discover where our vibe synchronizes.

I welcome all parts of you. Both your light and shadow. Take a chance. Come on home to you.



Felix Wild