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Tarot Card Reading

Intuitive Tarot Card Reading



Normally a 3-6 card spread, we go deep into a subject of your choosing. From an array of tarot and energy decks, we begin our journey discovering where you have been and where you’re going. These sessions offer other types of themed decks too, including Animal, Plant, Faye, or Crystal Decks that can also be powerful tools as well.

Your thirty-minute to hour-long readings also come with their own intuitive ritual which helps us both connect. We start by doing a small intake to see what energy we are needing for the day. As your energy expands, I begin to shuffle the chosen deck. Sometimes the cards fall out. Other times we’re lucky enough to pick, which I have the client do. The cards are pulled and the reading is done. We finish by closing the circle and calling the new energy into alignment.

If your curiosity has peaked, why not try a Free Consultation where you can ask any question about Tarot Readings or picking your deck for our session!

By bringing our awareness to what messages the cards have in store for us we are then better able to connect the value to our life’s biggest conundrums. We allow ourselves insights into the future so we do not continue to struggle.

Come on a journey across the major and minor arcana. Crying down your emotions with Cups, piercing into the actions of Swords, moving your passion for the likes of Wands, and grounding into the earth with Pentacles can have moving impacts on our existence. Maybe you’re dealing with “boss level” Major Arcana endeavors? In any case, we can handle it.

What do you want to know about most?

What is that thing keeping you up at night?

Tarot Reading

Is it about your future? Do you want to know how a career decision will turn out? Or how to become more spiritually in line with your values in all areas of life? Perhaps you’re curious about a love situation or breaking karmic energy down from childhood pains. What we believe is, whatever your struggle, you do not have to go at it alone.

Tarot Cards have offers for you that can help.

Card Readings include a follow-up email that goes over the cards pulled in their order and direction, more information about the card itself, and intuitive suggestions for follow-up. These sessions allow the cards to be the ultimate guide as we journey along with their story together.

As a lifelong lover of tarot, and collaborating on immersive projects in the field, I am well versed in the language of the craft. Bringing these skills along with a sense of curiosity to each reading keeps my practice alive and sharp.

I come from a long line of Romanian Witches who used modalities such as playing cards, tea leaf readings, and psychic intuition to cast their magic interpretations. You might say the force is strong in my family. But above all, my family could intuitively read people while using the Tarot’s magic assistance.

Tarot Card Reading has been an ancient practice used by witches for centuries. From playing cards to fully animated idealism that has made for many interpretations, Tarot has been an awakening experience for those who ask for its clarity and guidance.

You might think it’s hocus pocus, but the look on my client’s faces when we do a reading never lies. It’s that moment that makes the whole effort worth the resistance. Truth be told, sometimes I am even surprised with how accurate a reading turns out to be. But then again I’m not.

We recommend bringing water and a notebook to the card reading if desired. We believe in everyone’s ability to heal themselves. It is simply our aim to help people heal along their journeys.