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What Is A Spiritual Life Coach & How To Pick One

What Is A Spiritual Life Coach & How To Pick One




Many people wonder what life would be like if they did not have any problems. 


Often people find themselves wanting their circumstances to change but do not know how to make it happen. Reaching their deepest desires and achieving their highest goals can be attainable with the right habits and mindset. 




It really is that simple. A Life Coach helps you live your most authentic life. There are a number of methods a coach might implement that redirect behavioral patterns and expand consciousness. But before we delve into the how let’s consider the what


A Life Coach is an individual or network of people who provide tools, promote awareness, and pinpoint resistance to change. They create a motivational plan which allows their clients to make space for their dreams to exist. The work can lead to clients understanding their personal as well as collective power, update outdated belief systems, and appreciate their own inherent value. A skilled life coach will ascertain their clients’ needs and deliver comprehensive feedback where new possibilities and an open mindset meet.     


A Spiritual Life Coach takes from the examples above and adds an element of magic to their sessions. This practitioner stays tethered to the humanity of one’s human experience while opening a portal into the infinite unfolding of the potential provided by The Universe. This aims to heal, nourish, and move through old consciousness. Many modalities, tools, and rituals can accompany a session.  


Whether this applies to a career path, interpersonal relationships, or expanding our community these fundamental elements remain true. In a society obsessed with evidence, certifications, and proving our expertise to each other, we have misplaced our sense of exploration and curiosity. What we have lost in our empirically learning, proof-based understanding of life is to remain open to life’s infinite possibilities. 


Of course, it’s important to do our research regarding the best choice for our highest good when deciding who we should align ourselves to work with. 


What’s The Difference Between a Therapist and a Life Coach?


A Therapist is someone who has been to years of school. They may be able to diagnose, prescribe medications, administer treatment, and focus on a specialty that becomes their lense of helping their patients. Depending on their expertise, therapists will focus on a person’s past to help implement new behaviors and feelings to enable healing and the use of new tools. 


A Life Coach is a person who focuses on an individual or group’s present circumstances to map out a plan of action for their client’s future goals. While a Life Coach cannot diagnose or prescribe, they can offer different vantage points that may help a client feel better and more accomplished. They act as a cheerleader who also gives constructive feedback that matches their client’s needs. A Life Coach may have a focus such as a Relationship Coach, Executive Coach, Business Coach, Lifestyle Coach, Fashion Coach, Wellness Coach, Holistic Coach, or Spiritual Life Coach to name a few. 


Do I need a degree to be a Life Coach?

The truth is, Life Coaches do not need to be licensed by an accredited program. 


This is why it’s important to do your research to make sure your Life Coach is going to align with you / your group’s values. 


Evaluate Your Life Coach


Here is a suggested evaluation of your next Coach:

  • What am I / are we trying to accomplish?
  • Do our values align?
  • Can I be honest, vulnerable, and trust this person?
  • Does this Life Coach possess the skills that will help me / a group reach our goals?
  • Does this Life Coach practice what they preach or are they merely a facade?
  • What is my budget and does this person offer a range of services that match?
  • How would having this Life Coach impact my life in the long term?
  • Does the Life Coach have a Step By Step Program that is implementable?
  • How do I feel after our time together? 


Free Consultations


I highly recommend “shopping around” for your next Coach or Mental Health Care Provider. Most Coaches will have some form of Free Consultation. During this short session, all parties can get a feel for each other and see if they are a good match. 


There is no shame in making a few of these appointments with various people to help find your best fit. After all, Life Coaching is a highly personal experience that may shift your outlook on the world. You want to make sure you’re both compatible to reach potential for your amazing future transformations!  


No matter which focuses you are needing assistance in, a life coach can be instrumental in impacting the changes by which you, your company, and the world will feel transformed. 


Working With Me


For some reason, The Universe led you to this article. With thousands of Life Coaches to choose from, I am honored you’ve visited us here at Come Home Life Coaching. 




Come Home was designed to take client’s specific needs, wishes, and dreams and build a curated experience based on their desires. I have helped numerous people overcome obstacles, face hard decisions, and supported many who have needed a person at the edge of the bridge cheering them on.


In a session, with a client’s consent, I often channel information from entities, spirits, and their own ancestors. Sometimes images, scents, or kinesthetic feelings appear as our session progresses, often called psychic sense or telepathy. I will then reflect this back to a wide-eyed client who doesn’t understand how but feels the impact of connecting with the unseen world. 


I offer a few areas of support as a Spiritual Life Coach. These subjects are ones I have studied, embodied, and grown with over a decade. Services I offer include One On One Coaching, Spirit Work, Herbal Coaching for Anxiety and Sleep, Tarot Readings, and Support for Families of Transgender People