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Covid Is The New C-Word

Quit Hitting Yourself… 

Let’s back up a little. 

I don’t watch horror movies. Mostly because I already communicate with ghosts in my waking life and dream space. But about a year before The Pandemic shut down the world, I did see Bird Box, much to my sleep time’s demise. I think the part that disturbed me the most was the grocery store scene. (It’s not a spoiler if it’s been out for over three years.) 

The scene at the back of the store with the guy on the loading dock absolutely shook me. Pleading with the group inside to help him, and his old friend bargaining with the group to let him in, only to have the tables turned when the pleading man (IS ONE OF THEM DUH) forces his ex-friend to look at the beautiful yet life-altering monster, who totally kills him.

Years later, I cannot help notice the odd parallel between those without masks pressuring people with masks on to take them off.  

I am tired of standing by, saying nothing. 

Being raised female I see how it’s affected what does and doesn’t get said. 

How niceties and courtesy are first come first served in America. 

But at what cost?

The worst part of this apocalyptic time has been the people who think nothing is wrong. 

The same people who felt comforted by normalcy and boastful about their freedoms alone. Those who would take a bullet for this country but won’t get a shot for society. Those who say they love this country while they berate minimum wage employees and nurses who are trying to do their jobs and help. Calling them names, disrespecting them, while expecting excellent service and for people to maintain their professionalism.  

Enough Is Enough 

The crappy wages, the working class killing themselves, the oppressors who keep telling us to come to in while they type from their comfy home offices. 

I’ll tell you where you can shove it, America. 

Right in your mask hole! 

You might be thinking, 

“This is not what a Life Coach should say!”

“Where’s your sense of professionalism?”

“Why can’t you just act normal?”

There is never going back to normal. Normal was broken in the first place. Being a life coach, to me, means getting to the heart of the matter. The pulp and marrow. Exploring Truth with a capital T. We won’t find Truth by being normal. 

We’ll never uncover the underbelly of our psyche if you only sit in the sun. The sun that casts a shadow on others you choose to remain in denial about. 

Covid-19 is a pandemic revealing the inequity of our times. 

Somehow money and profit are still centered over people’s well-being. Stuck in this system of productivity over people we become trapped by our desires. 

I wonder how many times before the pandemic I pushed myself too hard. That I went to work with a little sniffle or a full-on cold. How we normalized acting as if we were at full capacity when really we were falling apart. 

Is that the normal we want for ourselves? 

This mass job exodus has been a long time coming. No one wants to feel like their life is meaningless. That their clock in clock out, day to day is worth their life. 

We get stuck believing it is.


The Great Job Resignation 

they’re calling it. 

Make no mistake, so many jobs are available and we’re not discussing their availability based on those positions once being held by people who have since died. We simply keep it nice and light, framing tragedy as someone’s new opportunity. 

With record numbers of people fleeing their underpaid, under valued, shitty jobs it’s no wonder the mass exodus of crappy employment is raging on. 

I don’t believe it’s because people are “lazy” or “entitled”. I think people are waking up to the fact that jobs need us more than we need them. That corporations thrive on hierarchy and that the people at the lowest levels, doing the most work, are treated like absolute garbage and expected to drain their talents, energy, love, time, and resources on jobs that feel no sense of ethical retention or paying people their worth. 

How long will this continue? 

How many more years of politics over a public health crisis will we endure? 

How many people have to die before we reclaim our own livelihoods?

We will need time to mourn. 

The scale for grief is one even experts in mental wellness do not know how to assess. 

We cannot talk our way out of something that is airborne. 

It has the potential to live in each of us, creating the possibility for a new opportunity as a variant more transmissible than the last. 

I’m Only One Life Coach 

That there are many practitioners out there touting lightness and Vitamin D as best practices. 

The rallying cry of so many in the communities I overlap with, “But I have an immune system”, general distrust of any Western medicine, and classist food medicine organic only ideals.  

Where is your humanity?

Where is your grace?

Where are your morals? 

Why can’t you make this about what we need to do as a collective and not about YOUR ideologies, YOUR freedoms, and what you think YOUR body can handle? 

Before we come together, we need to get it out on the altar. 

We need to do our work, personal and collective, to overcome these very polarized times. Some may say we should come together and put our differences aside. But I say that’s not enough. Tolerance doesn’t leave space for there to be reunions and joy between us who seem opposed to the other. 

Some words might fly back and forth. 

We might need to fight as hard as we love. 

But we need both and we need it soon. 

The time has come. 

We must use our compassion. 

Embrace it, or face the cost of being right. 

Until next time, Royalty!