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How To Read Tarot

The art of Tarot Reading has been increasing in popularity as the trend seems to be catching on. We all want to see insights into our inevitable future. With social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, learning to read Tarot Cards is now accessible for the beginner witch to the most practiced. So how do you start on your journey of this reading esoteric practice? Read on to find out more about this special divination tool that is several centuries old.

Deck Choice

First thing’s first. Let’s start by talking about which deck to pick. There are a total of 78 cards in a full tarot deck. 22 cards are considered the Major Arcana and the remaining 56 are considered the Minor Arcana, which are composed of four suits, Cups (Emotions), Swords (Thoughts) , Wands (Spirit) , and Pentacles (Finances/Tangible Means). It’s important to connect with your deck personally and work with it often. This will help you to grow with a stable factor that’s consistent while allowing you to understand its specific language.

Decks come in all shapes and sizes. They can be bright and cheery with beautiful pictures that are easy to interpret. There are also dark and foreboding decks which help navigate through tough times and can help one journey through the shadow realm with ease. I’ve seen rectangular, circular and even ovular shaped decks. Some are oracle decks, animal decks, channeling decks, feeling decks, and of course varieties of tarot decks as well. No matter which deck you start with, it’s important to remember to keep learning overtime with different decks as this diversity will open the capacity to expand your skills as a reader. So pick a deck that calls to you and dive in.
Starting with the classic Rider Waite Deck is an excellent place to begin. I find that much like how dancers learn ballet for form and structure before they venture into other genres the same can be said for tarot enthusiasts who are just starting out. The Rider Waite is excellent for understanding the thematic elements associated with each card. If you want a more modern version of the cards that still use a similar structure I really love the Modern Witch Tarot Deck. You could also just rainbow up the original Rainbow Rider Waite Deck but the sentiment is the same. Structure helps us build a solid foundation for our Tarot interpreting future.

Reading Tarot Cards

The truth is Tarot Readings are simply about “reading” into your interpretation of what each card represents. While it’s true we might want to know a basic understanding of each Tarot Card’s meaning, it’s not necessary. This is because each card has elements representing what the card is trying to indicate. Calling it a Tarot Reading is incredibly accurate in that you can read the card based on the images you see and feel.  

Start small by only pulling one to three cards. Simple readings can be as impactful as a half or full tarot spread. 

Pulling a spread of more than one card can help determine the story of the rest of the spread. It’s always important to remember that each reading is unique to both the reader and those who are having their cards interpreted.  

By setting an intention at the beginning of your reading you will see the cards reflect what is needed to be addressed.

Consulting The Manual

Above all I’m going to suggest starting with your gut. Before you grab the deck’s reader, take a stab at it first. What do you see when you pull each card? What do you feel? What do you see beyond what is on the surface? Now I know it’s popular to shuffle your deck at maximum speed and magically anticipate a card falling out to reveal your destiny so you can rush back to your daily life to wake up and do it again. But I would advise you to slow this process down. When you can feel into your reading, you will have an easier time allowing the cards to talk to you in addition to your innate read of the spread. 

Using the booklet your deck came with is the best way to interpret the deck you’re pulling from. That’s because each deck was made by a different person with different perspectives and experiences. Don’t believe me? Choose your favor card from the major arcana and compare that one card to 5 different decks. See what I mean? Using the booklet that card with the deck you’re working with can give you additional layers that add depth to your reading.    

When you do pull a guide I really love checking what Biddy Tarot has to say. She has a very insightful guide that feels through. 

Dispelling Myths 

I’d also like to demystify a strange phenomenon about Tarot Decks. Many people claim that tarot decks should be either gifted to or received from someone other than the owner of the deck. That a person would not go out and buy a deck directly. All I’ll tell you is while part of me thinks that’s a bunch of crap, every time I’ve purchased my own deck that deck ends up missing. Therefore, I now often ask someone else to buy a deck for me, even if I pay them back. Somehow that’s allowed me to bypass the laws of tarot nature. I digress.

Telling The Future 

As with any spiritual medium we must remember a few key ingredients. If you, I should say when because let’s be honest, break these rules do not say we didn’t warn you. 

  1. Do not ask if you do not want to know. (Gurl, don’t do it!) 
  2. Do not over ask the same question. (Yes, you’re about to pull the same cards repeatedly even if you change decks.) 
  3. Never do a spell with Tarot you are not willing to karmically pay for. (Comes in threes.)

Being psychic is a gift. It is a muscle we get to develop overtime. Don’t rush it. Just be in the flow. Your cards want to be used, adored, and loved. Keeping them on your body, on your altar, or under your pillow can help them connect to you. 

If you’re still curious for more on Tarot check out my other blog Tarot Cards 101

I also offer Tarot Readings and Free Consultations for Alternative Life Coaching. 

Above and below all, make sure you are having fun with this spiritual present. 

Until next time, Royalty!